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Somazzi Dario Materiali da costruzione SA originates from the idea of its homonymous founder in 1992. The firm begins its activity in Bironico, where the first products for the preservation of construction works are sold, particularly bituminous and synthetic waterproofing materials, heat insulation and the related accessories. Faced with the ever-changing needs of the market and the new requests of the clientele, the company immediately realises that they have to keep up with the times. They invest on new products and widen their offer to all sectors of construction, ranging from flat roofs to carpentry and woodwork, up to traditional construction materials and even hardwood floors.

Somazzi Dario Materiali da costruzione SA currently owns two warehouses in the Ticino region, with 40 staff members and 1000 customers who are active daily, recognizing the Somazzi brand’s high competence and professional expertise.

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